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Class A North Preview

8:08 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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1) Sweet Home
2) McKinley
3) Starpoint
4) Grand Island 
5) North Tonawanda 
6) Williamsville North
7) Niagara Wheatfield
8) Kenmore East

Top Players:
Bill Attea: Sweet Home
Stephon Johnson: McKinley
R.J. Hernandez: Starpoint
Ian Gilhousen: North Tonawanda
Anthony Zogaria: Grand Island
Tyler Green: Williamsville North
Nick Yarussi: Niagara Wheatfield
Jared Dolan: Kenmore East


Sweet Home Panthers

Head coach: John Faller (179-71-1, 25 years)
Assistant Coaches: Mike Faulks, Mike Torrillo, James Biaslik
2011 Varsity Record: 10-1-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 3
Key Players: Bill Attea, Mike Torrillo, Kahlil Humphrey, Jeff Pinto, Calvin Martin, Carter Mann, Mike McCoy, John Navarro, Luca Chimennto, Joe Majonik
Key Losses: Jordan Johnson, Juwan Douglas, Rashard Rogers, Tim Oaks
2011 JV Record: 7-2-0

Panthers have been one of the top teams in the state, winning 5 consecutive Sectional Titles, 2 State Championships and 50 consecutive games against Section VI opponents. Offense to be sparked by QB Mike Torrillo, Kahlil Humphrey, Calvin Martin, and Carter Mann. Line will be anchored by All-WNY candidate Bill Attea, Jeff Pinto and John Navarro. Defense will be led by Attea, Humphrey, Mann, and Mike McCoy. Will compete for Sectional Title, and have the added help of 7-2-0 JV squad. John Faller is one of the top coaches in the state. Sweet Home will compete for the title.

Starpoint Spartans

Head Coach: Al Cavagnaro (55-59-0, 12 years)
Assistant Coaches: Tim Racey, Shawn Latini, Nate Buetel
2011 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 6
Key Players: Evan Majewski, Zach Penman, Steve Wilde, Matt Wetzel, Joe Nye, Rion Elson, Alex Kavney, Bart Mazzara, John Rudes, Matt Wiacek, Connor Wells
Key Losses: Cory Regent, Branden Wehrmeyer
2011 JV Record: 6-2-0

Spartans have strength on both sides of the ball with 13 total starters returning from last year's 5-4-0 campaign. Defense will be led by Matt Wetzel, Joe Nye, and Matt Wiacek. Offense to be headed by RB Evan Majewski, who rushed for 1,000 yards last season, and anchored by Zach Penman, Steve Wilde, Alex Kavney and Rion Elson on the line. Key to the season will be the play of the QB. Look for Starpoint to compete for both league and sectional titles. The loss of RJ Hernandez to season ending injury is huge. 

McKinley Macks

Head Coach: Ed Wilson (10-8-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches: Kenneth Boone, Matt Frank
2011 Varsity Record: 4-5-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 5
Key Players: Stephon Johnson, Jordan Rayson, Cliff Brown
Key Losses: Trigg Marcelius, Alford Darius
2011 JV Record: 2-4-0

Macks return 10 starters from last year's 4-5-0 squad and will look to improve on both sides of the ball. McKinley will be led by a pair of All-WNY RB candidates in Stephon Johnson and Jordan Rayson, both of whom rushed for 1,000 yards last season, and Cliff "The Monster" Brown, who excels on both sides of the ball. Expect the Macks to be competitive in looking for a league title.

North Tonawanda Lumberjacks

Head Coach: Tony Truilizio (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: Sean Bruso, Ed O'Neill, Steve Pangallo, Ray Clark, Andrew Druin, Chris Green and Joe Rizzuto
2011 Varsity Record: 7-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 6
Key Players: Brandon Buryta, Chris Mellot, Tyler Durham, Jacob Clare, Ian Gilhousen, Erik Sargent, Luke Topolski, Chris Woodard, Luke Topolski, Tyler Durham 
Key Losses: Pat Angelhow, Shaun O'Lay, Matt Grimaldi, Jed Jasztremski
2011 JV Record: 2-6-0

Lumberjacks have third coach in the last 3 years with Rick Tomm resigning and Tony Truilizio coming over from Riverside. North Tonawanda returns 13 starters from last year's 7-2-0 squad and will look to build on last season's success. Several quality players return, led by Brandon Buryta, Chris Mellot, Jacob Clare, Tyler Durham, and Ian Gilhousen. North Tonawanda is poised to challenge for a league title. Open at home against Sweet Home. Chris Woodard will take over for QB Pat Angelhow.

Grand Island Vikings

Head Coach: Dean Santorio (68-35-0, 11 years)
Assistant Coaches: Steve Steck, Mike Stauffer
2011 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense 4 Defense 3
Key Players: Anthony Zogaria, Chris Connors, Dominic Trippi, Dan Blocho, Quinn Corrao, Ben Goc, Kurtis Johnson, Paul Sukmanowski, Cole Smith, Cyle Alcorn, Dominic Petrillo
Key Losses: Eddie Krecisz, Zach Smith, Chuck Grunzweig
2011 JV Record: 3-6-0

Vikings rebounded from poor start to the season in 2011, and will look to continue that trend in 2012. Coach Dean Santorio enters his 12th season and has compiled an impressive win percentage at 66%. Key players included Anthony Zogaria, Chris Connors, Dan Blocho and Dominic Tripp. Expect Grand Island to compete for a playoff berth in 2012. Play of line will be key to the season.

Williamsville North Spartans

Head Coach: Mike Mammoliti (38-56-0, 11 years)
Assistant Coaches: Rob Westmiller, Derek Swader, Ron Luders, Brandon Sanders, Paul Palizay
2011 Varsity Record: 3-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 5
Key Players: Tyler Green, Blake Curran, Homd Ali, Harshdeep Mander, Mike Kuebler, Mohammad Siam, Kolb Hughes, Mo Siam, Derick Isler, Ben Clayden, Ryan Majewski
Key Losses: Trevor McDaniel, Andrew Berg
2011 JV Record: 7-1-0

Spartans will try to improve on last season 3 win outing. Coach Mike Mammolititi returns 10 starters from last year and will lean on outstanding athletes and All-WNY candidates Tyler Green and Ryan Majewski to set the tone for Williamsville North. Helping the cause will be Harshdeep Mander and Mo Siam, who will be tasked with anchoring the line. Offense is to be sparked by Derick Isler, Homd Ali, and Kolb Hughers. Blake Curran and Ben Clayden will be expected to front the defense. Talent from 7-1-0 JV squad should help the Spartans be competitive in hopes of obtaining a playoff berth. Key to the season is to put points on the board.

Niagara Wheatfield Falcons

Head Coach: Jim Hagerty (2-6-0, 1 year)
Assistant Coaches: Kevin Gruarin, Dan Lucinksi
2011 Varsity Record: 2-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 6
Key Players: Brendan Gilewski, Nick Yarussi, Dan Miera, Sean Sutton, Cory Evans, Robert Rotz, Joe Ayers, Max Antoine, Forest Mullen, Lucas Gravelle
Key Losses: Mahmoud Zeidan, Ed Starr, Martin Pittman
2011 JV Record: 2-6-0

Falcons have struggled in the past few seasons, but Coach Jim Hagerty looks to improve his team in 2012. Lucas Gravelle and Max Antoine will help with the turnaround, providing a spark on defense. Niagara Wheatfield returns 13 starters from last year's 2-6-0 campaign and will try to right the ship. The line should be a strength with quality players in Dan Miera, Sean Sutton, Cory Evans, and Nick Yarussi. Forest Mullen and Lucas Gravelle should provide impact plays. Key to the season will be the play of the QB and offensive production. Look for the Falcons to improve this year and get back to winning ways.

Kenmore East Bulldogs

Head Coach: Matt Chimera (32-67-0, 12 years)
Assistant Coaches: Dan Heiser, Jeff Martin
2011 Varsity Record: 0-9-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 6
Key Players: Jared Dolan, Connor McMahon, Nate Weller
Key Losses: Jordan Wainwright, Tom Comfort
2011 JV Record: 4-4-0

Bulldogs have won one game in the past 2 seasons, but will look to buck that trend with 13 returning starters from last year's campaign. Kenmore East has All-WNY candidate Jared Dolan, who will be expected to anchor the line and lead the team. Nate Weller should also prove to be a key player for Coach Matt Chimera. Look for Kenmore East to battle hard, but to struggle again this season.

Preseason All-League: 
QB Ryan Majewski, Williamsville North
QB Mike Torrillo, Sweet Home 
RB Kahlil Humphrey, Sweet Home
RB Dan Blocho, Grand Island
RB Evan Majewski, Starpoint
RB Tyler Durham, North Tonawanda
TE Tyler Green, Williamsville North
WR Calvin Martin, Sweet Home
WR Stephon Johnson, McKinley
OL Zak Kijowski, North Tonawanda
OL Jeff Pinto, Sweet Home
OL Cliff Brown, McKinley
OL Steve Wilde, Starpoint
OL Chris Mellot, North Tonawanda
OL Jacob Claire, North Tonawanda
K Luke Topolski, North Tonawanda
U Zach Penman, Starpoint
RS Mike McCoy, Sweet Home


DL Jared Dolan, Kenmore East
DL Dominic Trippi, Grand Island
DL Nick Yarussi, Niagara Wheatfield
DL Bill Attea, Sweet Home
DL Sean Sutton, Niagara Wheatfield
DL Zach Penman, Starpoint
LB Chris Connors, Grand Island
LB Anthony Zogaria, Grand Island
LB Matt Wetzel, Starpoint
LB Lucas Grovelle, Niagara Wheatfield
DB Jordan Rayson, McKinley
DB Forest Mullen, Niagara Wheatfield
DB Kolby Hughes, Williamsville North
DB Lucas McCoy, Sweet Home
DB Ian Gilhousen, North Tonawanda
DB Bart Mazzara, Starpint
P Connor Wells, Starpoint
RS Derick Isler, Williamsville North

News & Notes

  • Sweet Home JV recorded 2,734 yards of offense last season, while posting a 7-2 record
  • From 2001-2011, Sweet Home has posted a 101-16 record
  • Starpoint RB Evan Majewski rushed for 1,447 yards, while averaging 6.1 YPC and scoring 12 TD's in 2011 
  • Top Sophmore: Brad Zaffram, Sweet Home 
  • North Tonawanda returns 4 on the Lumberjacks offensive line 
  • Must See Games: Sweet Home vs. McKinley (Sep. 21) 
  • Biggest Question: Which Section VI team will be the first to defeat Sweet Home and end the Panther's 50 game streak against Section VI opponents?
  • Williamsville North has excellent talent from last season's 7-1 JV squad 
  • Dynamic Duo: Stephon Johnson and Jordan Rayson, McKinley 
  • Coach with most wins: John Faller 
  • Top Academic Achievers: Bill Attea, Sweet Home, Mike Torrillo, Sweet Home & Alex Kauney, Starpoint 
  • Best Nickname: Evan "Flash" Majewski, Starpoint 
  • Best Cheerleaders: Starpoint 
  • Top Complex: North Tonawanda, All-High 
  • Best Rusher: Evan Majewski, Starpoint 
  • Top WR: Stephon Johnson, McKinley 
  • Top Lineman: Bill Attea, Sweet Home 
  • Major Impact Player: Stephon Johnson, McKinley 
  • Team with most sectional titles: Sweet Home 
  • Best Dressed: Tim Racey, Starpoint 
  • Most photogenic: Kahlil Humphrey, Starpoint 
  • Best Dancer: Cliff Brown, McKinley 
  • Top Underclassmen: Evan Majewski, Starpoint & Chris Woodard, North Tonawanda 
  • Tony Truilizio will be the third head coach in 3 years for North Tonawanda 
  • Sweet Home has a 15-5 record against North Tonawanda
  • The Lumberjacks have a 93-25 combined record for the past 12 seasons
  • Sweet Home has played in 7 consecutive Sectional Championship games, and have won 5 consecutive titles.
  • Best Trainer: Marcy Gerlach, Sweet Home
  • Sweet Home's JV is 30-2 over the past 4 years 
  • Player you'll get to know: R.J. Hernandez, Starpoint 
  • Top Academic Achiever: Mike Torrillo, Sweet Home
  • Kenmore East has won one game the past 2 years 
  • Sweet Home has a 46-2 record in the past 4 years 
  • Strongest: Alex Kauney, Starpoint 
  • Fastest: Mike McCoy, Sweet Home 
  • Biggest: Bill Attea, Sweet Home 
  • John Faller has a 179-68-1 record as Head Coach of Sweet Home 
  • North Tonawanda has 43 players that made first team All-WNY 
  • Unsung Player: Jared Dolan, Kenmore East 
  • Preseason Offensive Player of Year: Stephon Johnson, McKinley 
  • Preseason Defensive Player of Year: R.J. Hernandez, Starpoint 
  • Forecast: One has to beat the champ before they can be champions. Sweet Home is the favorite again to repeat. McKinley should provide a tough test, as should North Tonawanda, Starpoint and Grand Island. Should make for an interesting season in 2012.

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