Kidney Connection: Everyone Doing Great

1:48 PM, Aug 3, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - Ask Mitch Stone of Jamestown how he's doing these days, about three months after getting a new kidney, and a new lease on life, and he'll tell you, "I'm feeling good, feeling good."

Mitch is feeling good, looking good and doing great.

On Thursday, Mitch and his wife Cheryl got together for lunch with the woman who was a stranger to them until just a few months ago, the woman who donated one of her kidneys to him, Diane Bookhagen and her husband Bruce of Springville.

The two couples who didn't know each other a few months ago are now the best of friends.

And with each milestone that Mitch reaches, whether it's now walking a few miles everyday or being able to go out dancing with his wife again, he shares it with Diane.

Scott Brown: "Of all the things you're able to do again, what's your favorite?"

Mitch Stone: "Play with my grandson, he comes up to the house at least four days a week and he's only three, going to be four years old. Also, playing with the other grandkids too, and just being able to go out again."

Scott Brown: "Diane when you hear that, how do you feel?"

Diane Bookhagen: "I can't put it into words Scott, it's like nothing I ever imagined, there are no words for it. I love children and knowing the kind of guy Mitch is, how devoted he is to his family knowing he's able to he's able to spend really great time with them, is really better than I ever imagined. It's a gift to me, it's truly a gift to me."

Diane found Mitch through the Western New York Kidney Connection, where people in need of a donor can post their profiles:
































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