Wilson House Explosion: Propane Leak Cause of Explosion

1:36 PM, Jul 29, 2012   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY-- The Niagara County Sheriff's office believes they know what may have caused the fatal Wilson house explosion earlier this week.

Sheriff James Voutour says the investigation is continuing, but so far officials believe the explosion was caused by a propane leak in the home. However, they are not sure what sparked the explosion.

The Niagara County Fire Coordinator Jonathan Schultz says they are looking at appliances to see if they may have contributed to the explosion.  Even without the appliances intact, Schultz says investigators can go through and determine how the propane moved through the house, and where the spark originated. 

"There have been other instances of where propane has caused explosions in houses, so the investigators have looked to those to see and compare," said Schultz.

Sheriff's investigators completed their on-scene investigation in two days, and the site has been secured.  Voutour says attorneys for the Johnson family, NOCO, which provided the propane, and the insurance company are still investigating.   

Fourteen-year-old Sarah Johnson was killed in the Tuesday blast, that also injured four members of her family.

The father, Jody Johnson, and his son Nathan were released from ECMC.  Mom Judy is in fair condition and daughter Katie is still in critical condition.  The family's pastor, Williams Lowery, Jr, said, "it will be a long haul for Katie".

Lowery says the Johnsons plan to wait until Katie is out of the hospital before they hold a memorial service for Sarah.  

However, the family is planning a public "Service of Healing" for Sarah, to help the community and the family grieve.  Details on that will be announced soon.  


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