Restaurant Impossible in Olean

10:40 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
Chef Robert Irvine with workers and guests at The Oleander in Olean, New York
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OLEAN, N.Y. -- One of cable TV's most popular shows, Restaurant Impossible, is doing a top-to-bottom makeover of a local restaurant right now.

Chef Robert Irvine and his crew are at The Oleander in Olean, New York.  The hour-long show airs on the Food Network each week and shows Irvine and designers transforming a failing restaurant into one that can be successful and profitable.  The crew only has two days to work and a budget of $10,000.  

The Oleander is closed now while renovations take place.  It is scheduled to reopen tonight. 

We're told the owner there is pregnant and needs help making her restaurant work.  When Irvine first arrived at the Oleander Tuesday morning, guests who were there for a planned serving say he blasted the chef for serving bad food!

There's no word on when the show featuring The Oleander will air, but it normally takes a couple of months to edit and produce the show. 

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