MLK Splash Pad Still Dry:Contractor & Mayor Respond

8:36 PM, Jul 7, 2012   |    comments
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(BUFFALO) --  The contractor on the major splash pad in the Humboldt Basin project at Buffalo's MLK Park now says the major project could be completed by August 10th to the 15th.    

The predicted completion date of July 1st for the $4.5 Million dollar  project has come and gone and community advocate Samuel Herbert said he fears it will not be done for weeks to come...maybe into the fall. 

Herbert of the MLK Park Coalition says he is now putting the pressure on the contractor, the project engineer, and Mayor Byron Brown who he feels can put the pressure on them all to get it done.

David Pfeiffer, who runs the Man O' Trees contracting firm, says the last minute addition of a "knee wall" added to the delays which he claims actually started as the city obtained funding for the project. Pfeiffer says his crews are currently putting in ten hour days in a six day week to pour the specialized concrete for the project. Pfeiffer says he offered to go with two crews on twelve hour shifts but the city nixed the idea because of the additional $400,000 dollar cost.

Two On Your Side asked Mayor Brown when he felt the project would be finished. Brown termed the project a "world class attraction" that must be done right and when pressed for a completion date he would only say sometime this year. Brown says there have never been funding problems for the project as he said "We authorized the contractor to go forward. Money was never a question."

Mayor Brown says city inspectors have been monitoring the project every day. When asked if there could be sanctions for the contractor with financial penalties, Brown said the city feels it is best to move forward with the current contractor to get the project finished and any sanctions could just hold it up further.       

Read the what the contractors told Sarah Hopkins on Thursday Night


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