Baker Victory to Close 2 Homes for the Disabled

12:02 AM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
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LACKAWANNA, NY - A number of severely disabled young adults and children in western new york will soon have to find a new place to live.

Baker Victory Services and OLV Homes run a number of houses in Buffalo that help assist disabled adults and children. St. Agnes and St. Joseph's in Lackawanna are two of those homes, and we're told that they soon will close.

More than 20 residents live in both facilities. We spoke with Beth Kuerzdoerfer, whose daughter lives in one of the homes.

"Most of these kids have been there for years and that's all they know," Kuerzdoerfer told us. "So all the people that they live with and they know - their family - they're going to be separated from. I don't know where my daughter is going to be placed. It's heartbreaking."

In some cases, It can take more than 5 years for families to be placed in a special group housing. We're told residents will need to be out of St. Agnes and St. Joseph's in 21 days.





























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