The Fishing Is Hot In Western New York!

4:27 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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OLCOTT, N.Y. - The World Fishing Network's recent appointment of the town of Olcott as the "Ultimate Fishing Town In America" makes public what many here in Western New York have known for years; that the region is home to arguably the best fishing in North America!

The award is deserving recognition for an outstanding fishery, one that all of Western New York can take pride in. Terry Jones is Lake Erie's premiere bass guide.

"To be nationally recognized for the Fishing Network, I think it's absolutely wonderful for Wilson and New York State," says Jones. "The repercussions for Erie and Buffalo and everything, it'll help us all out is what it will do."

Few places can offer the variety we have across the region and indeed, the state.

Take your pick!

Lake Ontario offers outstanding fishing for salmon and trout throughout the year. Erie has a world-class bass fishery, as well as walleye and the mighty muskellunge.

Those are just the two great lakes, there's a lot of other smaller lakes and streams to keep any angler busy for a lifetime.

"The diversity of the fishing; the trout, the salmon, the bass, the smallmouth, the walleye," says Jones. "I had a person out fishing the other day, he caught nine different species of fish out in the lake with me in one day. I probably could have brought him closer to shore, he could have caught twelve. But nine different species out in the lake, awesome! I love it!"

Perhaps the most sought after quarry is the smallmouth bass.

They are abundant in most bodies of water, and pound for pound are one of the hardest fighting fish to hit a lure. The smallmouth is responsible for putting Lake Erie on the map for anglers from across North America.

"Our smallmouth fishery is the best in the country right now," says Jones. "I've fished all over the country, and I'm so fortunate to live here and run a guide service on Lake Erie. It's kind of easy is what is...most of the time."

One does not need a boat to get to the best spots either.

The shoreline fishing opportunities are as diverse as the species themselves.

"There's a lot of places where you can fish," Jones says. "You just have to put the time and effort to look. Creeks, stream, I mean trout fishing, everything, the Lower Niagara River, the gorge and everything, there's so many places for us to fish."

There are a multitude of ways to enjoy fishing. It can be competitive or relaxing. It's pretty easy to learn, it's a great family activity, and at its most basic, it's a relaxing and meditative way to spend a day.

As the old saying goes: "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work."

Jones agrees with the old adage.

"I have so many people that come and fish with me that say, 'Terry, I really don't even care if I even catch a fish!' I mean, that's the bonus of just being out in nature, and enjoying what God has given us. We're foolish if we don't take advantage of it, it's nobody's fault but our own."

Captain Jones First Class Bass Charters is considered the finest on Lake Erie. You can make a reservation for an action packed day of fishing at

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