AAA Questions WNY Gas Prices

12:10 AM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - AAA is questioning gas prices in Western New York. They're saying prices here are nine to 16 cents higher than neighboring markets like Rochester, Syracuse and Albany.

Thursday's average for self-serve regular unleaded gas in Buffalo is $3.79. That's down 19 cents from last month, but higher than Rochester at $3.70, Syracuse at $3.63 and Albany at $3.66.

AAA says this has happened in that past, but not to this degree.

2 On Your Side spoke with Steve Pacer of AAA of Western and Central New York to find out why gas prices in Buffalo were so far above average.





"We have just been looking at the trends and we haven't quite seen anything like this - where its this far of a distance - you know some stations here are still charging $3.80 and in Syracuse some are charing $3.50 so 30 cents a gallon is really a huge deal," said Pacer.

That 30 cent difference can add up at the end of the week. Pacer suggested that cities like Rochester and Syrcause have more "low cost" gas stations that may help keep prices down.

"We're also told that we have more traditional outlets. We don't have low cost outlets. In Rochester and Syracuse they have HESS Gas Stations, which tend to charge on a lower side so that might be around reason why," Pacer said. "We're just not quite sure why these prices are so high in Buffalo."

The only place to currently find more expensive gas is New York City.

You can find and compare your cities gas price average with others around the nation using AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report.


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