Buffalo Cop Suspended, Seen Walking Out of Jorden's Home

8:16 PM, Jun 16, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - 2 On Your Side has confirmed that a man Hamburg police found coming out of Dr. Timothy Jorden's home in Lake View Wednesday morning was, Buffalo Police Officer Martin Motley III.

Motley is seen in the attached photos and video wearing a yellow t-shirt and tan shorts. When stopped by Hamburg police as he was leaving Dr. Jorden's home, Motley was carrying a personal gun, $5,000 in cash and a Rolex watch.

WEB EXTRA: See a statement from Officer Martin Motley's attorney here.

After being questioned by the Departments internal Affairs division, Motley was suspended Thursday without pay. Motley has been out on injured-on-duty status for the last three years.

Motley attended Bennett High School in Buffalo with Dr. Jorden, and the two men are said to be good friends.

Dr. Jorden was the "person of interest" in the shooting at Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Wednesday morning that left a woman dead.

Dr. Timothy Jorden was found dead behind his Lake View home near 18 Mile Creek at approximately 10:40am Friday morning.




Questioned earlier today by 2 On Your Side about Officer Motley, Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda did not offer many details.

Scott Brown: "Is Motley facing any criminal charges in this case?"

Commissioner Derenda: "Right now, it's under investigation, we're still investigating why he was there."

Scott Brown: "Was he helpful in giving you any information about Dr. Jorden?"

Commissioner Derenda: "I can't talk about that -- it's part of the investigation."

In fact, two different sources tell 2 On Your Side's Scott Brown that Motley gave investigators no useful information when he was questioned about why he was at Jorden's house, what he was going to do with the money and the watch, or where Dr. Jorden was.

Motley joined the force in 1988, and was a member of the SWAT team. He went out on Injured-On-Duty status in 2009.

"Internal affairs is looking into why he was there (at the house) and out of confinement, and homicide is talking to him about why he was there, also," Derenda said.

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