Students Gather In Memory of Alix Rice

11:44 AM, Jun 5, 2012   |    comments
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AMHERST, NY- - Friends of Alix Rice gathered at Margaret Louise Park in Getzville Monday night to make tie-dye shirts in honor of their former classmate.

The event, which was called "Justice for Alix", was started by two students at Williamsville North who had been in Alix's chorus class. They said that about 30 people participated in the event by giving $2 for materials to make the shirts and that many more made donations. Students who made shirts plan to wear them to school on Wednesday in remembrance of Alix's life.

Alix's friends said that she frequently wore tie-dye and that her dress code was indicative of her personality. She was vibrant, full of life and happy to help someone if they were having a bad day. Due to Alix's love of tie-dye and lively personality, students at Williamsville North thought tie-dye would be an appropriate way to remember their friend.

Those present at the park said that the event was more about remembering Alix's life than about resenting Dr. James Corasanti. However, students also said that the event has reminded them about the dangers of drinking and driving. Alix's friends said that students drive by Alix's memorial on Heim Road every day due to its proximity to the school, and that every time they drive by they are reminded to think twice before drinking and stepping behind the wheel of a car.

Students running the event plan to donate any extra money the event generates to Mother's Against Drunk Driving.

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