Rice Family on Corasanti Verdict

11:20 AM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - The father and mother of Alix Rice say they don't hate Dr. James Corasanti.  A day after the acquittal on all major charges, they say no one won.

Alix's parents remembered their daughter.  Alix's mother Tammy Schueler mentioned her daughter's beaming smile.  "If she thought you needed somthing she would be right there.  She would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it."  Alix's father Richard Rice said she was a friend to everyone. 

When asked what Alix would say about all this, her father said, "Her voice has been eternally silenced.  I don't know what she would say."  But, he doesn't expect that she would hold a grudge.

Alix's parents have no idea what influenced the jury, but her mother said she wouldn't mind knowing because she's baffled.

Both Alix's mom and dad lamented all they've lost including visits from their daughter, grandchildren and the bright future ahead for their daughter until the night of the accident.

Alix's father wore the same color shirt Alix was wearing the night of the crash.  He hopes Dr. James Corasanti thinks about his daughter's death each day.

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