Car Slams into Milos Restaurant in Williamsville

1:14 PM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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WILLIAMSVILLE, NY-  Milos Restaurant is back open Tuesday after a car slammed through the side of the restaurant Monday afternoon.

A vehicle careened into Milos restaurant in Williamsville, striking two diners inside.

The Amherst Police Accident Investigation Unit responded to an accident where a car crashed into Milos Restaurant at 5877 Main Street In Williamsville. The accident happened Monday at 3:48 p.m., just shortly after the Village's Memorial Day parade wrapped up.

Police say Marion S. Ressel, 80, of Tonawanda was driving a 2000 Honda east on Main Street on her way to Milo's with her husband, Harold Ressel, who was a passenger in the car. For unknown reasons, the driver lost control.

A witness told firefighters she saw the driver speed up and slow down, and speed up and slow down again. Then she saw the driver swerve off Main Street, avoid a utility pole and an office sign, drive through the parking lot missing cars, and then strike the building.

She struck two customers dining inside, Alan and Doretta Levine of Williamsville, throwing them back 10 feet, according to firefighters.

Marion Ressel and the Levines were taken to ECMC with minor injuries.  Williamsville Fire Chief Christopher Petrie said the two patrons were "very lucky."

Raymond Kollidas, Raymond Kollidas, says between the customers and employees, 40 people were inside at the time. Given all the damage, he says they're shaken up, but otherwise ok.

"Everybody was very upset," Kollidas said. "Everybody worked hard. A lot of our staff has been here from the beginning and we've had a few trials and tribulations throughout. So they're a little upset, but we'll get through it, just like we do everything else."

Firefighters said when they arrived on the scene they immediately thought it might have been much more serious.

"When we saw the two patients, Cheeburger Cheeburger went through my mind," said Chief Petrie.

A couple was killed while they were dining with their son in that crash in Amherst last September, and a string of car into building crashes in Western New York followed.

"You never think that it can happen you to, until it does. But you can't build a fortress in front of your place so you just have to take that chance," said Kollidas.

The accident is under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.

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