Corasanti Trial Day 6: Medical Examiner Testifies About Autopsy

12:29 PM, May 7, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY--Three witnesses, including the medical examiner who did Alix Rice's autopsy testified Friday morning in Dr. James Corasanti's trial.

Corasanti is accused of hitting Alexandria Rice with his car and then leaving her to die on Heim Road in Amherst last July.

The most powerful testimony so far today came from Dr. Jonrika Malone,  the associate chief medical examiner at Erie County Medical Examiner's office, who did Rice's autopsy.

Alix's parents and other family members were in tears the entire time during this testimony.

Autopsy photos on display, showed Alix had most abrasions on her left side.

Dr. Malone testified that the cause of death was due to "neck injuries" she said there was"internal decapitation of her neck area."

She performed the autopsy and said "I could tell her legs were broken." 

She testified that Rice suffered brain injuries, saying "The surface of the brain had blood."

Prosecutor Chris Belling asked, "What kind of of force is needed for that to happen?" Dr. Malone replied, "Blunt force trauma."

When asked under cross examination by defense attorney, Joel Daniels, if Rice's death was almost instantaneous, Dr. Malone said, "Correct."

The first two witnesses of the day were Amherst Police Detective John Travert and Darryl Fitch of waste management. Their testimony focused on controlled garbage pickup.

Police wanted to see if there was any evidence tossed from the Corasanti's home so they had Waste Management get the trash from the curb on trash day separately without the homeowner's knowledge.

Before testimony ended for the day, jurors got a chance to see Corasanti's vehicle from that night.   Judge DiTuillio granted the media permission to get photos of the car.  You can see them here.

Yesterday, a juror delayed the start of Thursday's proceedings claiming car trouble, but it was discovered later in the day that he was arrested and charged with DWI.


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