Duel in the Pool Makes A Splash

11:05 AM, May 1, 2012   |    comments
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AMHERST, NY - He was the Distinguished Speaker at UB, sharing his experiences as the seven time winner of the legendary Tour De France bicycle race, which all followed his battle against cancer.

"I started to have these feelings, these symptoms and I had an excuse for every one of them," said Lance Armstrong.

But the world class athlete was in the pool earlier at UB, those powerful legs switching from pedal power to kick power in a 50 meter race against Ironman woman tri-athelete Mary Eggers, a former pediatric nurse who now provides fitness training and inspiration for the Rochester-based Teens Living with Cancer organization, how did this unique challenge called Duel in the Pool happen? She got the idea while seeing Armstrong at a race in Texas.

"I said wouldn't it be funny if I Twitter challenged him to a race and he accepted? And they all laughed and thought I was out of my mind. So I came home from a run one day and I said to my husband I said wouldn't it be funny if Lance did that. He says do it you should just tweet it. And that's essentially what happened. So I never expected him to actually accept it. But we really are grateful that he did."

Mary won that race, "It was fun. He was extremely gracious and kind and not too much trash talking behind the scenes. So it was good."

Of course they all won as Armstrong helped boost the fundraising efforts to bring the Teens Living with Cancer program to Roswell Park and to benefit his LiveStrong group which also helps young people cope with cancer.

Mary said, "As a role model they see this man who was diagnosed without a good prognosis and came back and won and did something amazing with his life. So that's what I hope they take out of it. It is not a death sentence."

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