Day Two of Testimony in Trial Against Doctor Charged in Fatal Hit and Run

11:45 AM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -  On Friday, the jury heard testimony from a man who saw Alix Rice just moments before she was struck.


Dr. James Corasanti is accused of hitting Alexandria Rice with his car, and then leaving her to die on Heim Road in East Amherst last July.

Dr. Corasanti is charged with vehicular manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, leaving a deadly accident scene and tampering with physical evidence.

Three witnesses also testified on Friday.

Mark Rowland saw Alix on her skateboard minutes before accident.   "The person was rolling down the road toward me, definitely in control."

The prosecutor asked him,  "Was the skateboarder any hazard?"
Rowland replied, "No, she was highly visible. I saw her a long way off." 

Rowland also testified that he also saw Corasanti's car before the accident.  "The majority of the car was in the fog lane (bike lane) from my observation."

He testified that when he turned off of Heim he heard a sound. "Damn, there was this almighty bang."   "It was ungodly," he said. 

Rowland's wife is the one who called 911 for help.

Also testifying Friday was Christian Sylvester, a server and bartender at Transit Valley Country Club,  Patricia Peterson, Dr. Corasanti's Mother-in-law.  She was babysitting the night the couple went out. She testified that Mrs. Corasanti drove her Range Rover home around 11pm.

The Jury heard from four witnesses Thursday, including Alexandria's boyfriend, co-worker, a country club bartender, and Alix's father.

There are no cameras or electronic devices allowed in the courtroom during the trial. 

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