Old Route 219 Bridge Back Open for Traffic

10:19 AM, Mar 24, 2012   |    comments
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CONCORD, NY-- The old Route 219 bridge, that has been closed since the beginning of the year, is now back open for traffic and it comes ahead of schedule.

   The DOT had to close the bridge in early January after inspection crews fround frozen bearings. Those are parts in the support structure of the bridge which allows it to contract or expand with the changing weather. DOT engineers were concerned about the structural safety of the bridge so an emergency contract was approved for the $250,000 dollar repair. Political leaders here and in Albany pressed the state DOT and credit Governor Cuomo with making a push to repair the bridge.

    Local businesses like the Apple Dumplin' Restaurant and COA's Tire and Rental which are down the road from the bridge were concerned it would affect their customer traffic as people used a detour around the closed bridge. So they were pleased this repair project was wrapped up ahead of schedule to re-open the bridge.

   This repair work will now be followed by a more than $3 Million dollar renovation project for the bridge. But DOT officials say the bridge will remain open during that work.    






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