Still No Decision On Acropolis Expansion

11:44 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y.- A Buffalo business owner is still waiting for a verdict from the city on whether or not he can expand his restaurant in the Elmwood Village.

Paul Tsouflidis has already completed most of the upstairs addition on his restaurant, Acropolis.

He's waiting for a decision from the Buffalo Common Council on whether or not he can open the upstairs bar and patio. A vote was expected Tuesday, but the council decided to delay it in order to wait for an environmental review, said Council Member Michael LoCurto. He says the council is being very careful in this case because the debate over Acropolis has been so heated.

LoCurto says the city has reason to believe it could face a lawsuit no matter what choice the council makes in this matter.

Tsouflidis says he's been losing thousands of dollars a week while his business has been embroiled in this controversy.

He says he hasn't conducted a full-fledged environmental study, because he doesn't think he needs one for a project like this, but he says he has filed the appropriate paperwork.



"Right now we submitted a document telling them that there's no adverse impact on the environment for Acropolis and hopefully the city takes that and accepts that as what it is," said Tsouflidis.

LoCurto says the council should be able to vote on whether or not to approve the bar and patio in two weeks.

Acropolis has been facing criticism from some of its Elmwood neighbors concerned about noise since the expansion began. 

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