Chippewa Mardi Gras Promotion Irks Bar Owner

12:54 AM, Feb 23, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- Mardi Gras for many people means a celebration right before the Lenten season begins.  However for one Buffalo bar owner, one promotion is going a little too far.

Mark Croce, who owns D'Arcy McGees and Sky Bar among others in the downtown area, was disturbed to find out that one of his bars was entered in the "Boobs for Beads" promotion where the winner with the most beads can win a breast augmentation or other plastic surgery procedure.

"We're not actively involved in this promotion.  In fact, we just found out that we were added to the list of bars that were participating," Croce said.  "We didn't endorse this and frankly we think it's kind of tacky and tasteless when you think about the message it portrays."

Croce believes that promotions like this hurt the downtown image and steer the appeal of Chippewa to a younger crowd, hurting his businesses that are all strictly for 21 years old and over.

"I don't think the mature audiences are looking for this kind of promotion. I don't see what it adds to our street," Croce says. "I don't understand what the positive outcome of a promotion like this will be. I think, in fact, it's just a big waste of money."

That's not to say Croce's establishments will not be celebrating Mardi Gras though.  He says his restaurants and nightclubs will be open for business as usual.

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