Thieves Steal Copper from Air Conditioners at Lockport Theater

9:11 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY - Lockport police are looking for the copper thieves who damaged part of the historic Palace Theater in order to get at the metal they wanted.

Sometime over the weekend burglars stole the copper from the theater's four air conditioners that are attached to the building.

"They tried to take the units altogether but realized they were bolted to the ground, so probably to make a quick getaway they just stripped the materials took what they needed and left," said Executive Director Christopher Parada. "It's just a big blow to the's owned by the community, there's not a specific owner, so everyone kind of takes it to heart when something happens here." 

The damage done is pegged at $10 thousand. Parada says they are checking with their insurance company to see if they are covered for the loss.



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