Verizon FiOS Dropping Bridges TV

5:52 PM, Feb 16, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY--   Verizon FiOS is removing Bridges TV from it's TV lineup next month.

They issued a statement to their customers on Thursday:  "This programming has been discontinued due to very low viewership and the continued effort of Verizon to offer our customers the most popular channels while keeping our rates reasonable."

Bridges TV, a station that offers Middle Eastern/south Asian programming, got its start in Orchard Park by Muzzammil and Aasiya Hassan.  Hassan was convicted last year for murdering and beheading his wife Aasiya.

Bridges TV closed up shop in Orchard Park following Hassan's trial and moved their operation to NYC.

A judge recently issued a settlement in the Hassan estate. The couple's two children, as well as Mo Hassan's two older children, will  receive millions of shares of stock in Bridges TV.

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