Senator Mark Grisanti: Video of Scuffle at Seneca Niagara Casino

3:23 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Grisanti Altercation Caught On Tape

Mark Grisanti (R)

BUFFALO, N.Y. --  2 On Your Side has obtained video of an altercation at the Seneca Niagara Casino late Friday allegedly involving New York State Senator Mark Grisanti.

The three minute and 57 second clip was provided to 2 On Your Side by an attorney representing Eric White.  White, through his attorney, claims Grisanti attacked him after a previous dispute between the two had been quelled.

WEB EXTRA:  You can view the video clip in the video player above, but please be aware there is graphic language in the video.

The video, taken by a bystander with an i-phone, begins with Senator Grisanti being restrained by a security guard.

This was allegedly several minutes after an initial confrontation, which Grisanti says began when he tried to calm a heated argument between two men, who then turned on him. Seconds later he says two women began throttling his wife Maria, ripping out her hair and causing her to suffer a concussion by repeatedly banging her head against the floor. 

Gerald T. Walsh with the law firm of Zdarsky,Sawicki, and Agostinelli is the attorney who represents White and who provided Two On Your Side with the video.

At 1:17 into the video, White can be seen in front of the camera, limping into view while attempting to exit the casino.

Seven seconds later, at 1:24, the camera shows White being knocked to the ground.

Even though it is not entirely clear who rushed White, Walsh insists it was Grisanti, who he says can then be seen in the background being restrained again by security personnel.

"That's based on my viewing the video and talking with other witnesses. Some of it is like circumstantial evidence, (because when) you look at it and all of the sudden you see five people restraining Senator Grisanti."

At 1:38, as White is being assisted from the floor, security appears to be physically restraining someone in the background, near the top of the screen.

And though it may be difficult to say with certainty who the person is, Walsh says that he is "absolutely" sure it's Grisanti.

Walsh confirms that White was among the two persons initially having an argument in which Grisanti attempted to intercede. But he denies that his client is the person who punched Grisanti, preceding the melee involving his wife.

Grisanti admitted he may have thrown some blows when he was trying to get his wife's attackers off of her (which is not seen on the video). But Grisanti has denied striking anyone after the initial incident involving he and his wife.

Two witnesses who say they watched the fight involving Grisanti are saying his version of the events isn't quite what they saw.

As to the motive behind making the video public Walsh said, "I think we did it because there was so much being presented over the weekend, and my clients kept telling me that there's more too it and then when I saw the video they asked that I distribute the video so that we get the rest of the facts out."

Niagara Falls Police are still investigating the incident.  So far, no one has been charged.

Watch our story from 2 On Your Side Reporter Dave McKinley and Photojournalist Norm Fisher. 






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