Faso Fired from SPCA of Niagara

2:01 PM, Jan 31, 2012   |    comments
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NIAGARA FALLS, NY--  Embattled Niagara County SPCA Executive Director John Faso is out of a job, after having been removed from his post by the agency's Board of Directors early Monday afternoon.

This comes four days after a report released by the Erie County SPCA on how euthanasia procedures and care were handled at the SPCA of Niagara.

Paul Cambria, hired by the Niagara Co. SPCA after Faso and the board came under fire earlier in the month, confirmed that the decision was made during a meeting of seven board members, but declined to disclose the vote count.

"They took up the issue of whether they needed a new Executive Director, and they decided they did," cambria told WGRZ-TV. 

One source says the board will pick an interim executive director, and seek the assistance of the Erie County SPCA to find a permanent replacement.

Cambria confirmed feelers have already been put out and says the successor to Faso could be named as early as Tuesday.

Faso, who had quietly been placed on probation by the board last fall amid concern over his job performance, became the subject of more public scrutiny early this month. That is  when allegations surfaced of mismanagement at the Rainbow Animal Shelter, resulting in staff turnover, missed fund raising opportunities, and hundreds of animals being euthanized in the final months of 2011.

Many of the allegations were confirmed Friday, after results of the Erie County SPCA's were released in a 116 page report, which also concluded many animals were put down through methods considered by some to be inhumane and are in fact banned in some states.

However, the report was also highly critical of the Niagara Co. SPCA Board of Directors, calling it dysfunctional.

"I think the board also accepts fault for this," said Cambria, "and I think a number of the board members are going to say, 'we don't care to serve going forward'."

But Cambria also confirmed that before any could tender their resignations, he advised them to hold off.

"I started the meeting by saying, 'please, if anybody here wants to resign, don't resign because there will be no one here to get anything done. Only the board can act, and there is no power from any other entity but the board to act. So, if you're going to make changes, this board has to make them because it will take weeks to put a new board in place.'"




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