Holland Soccer Team's Appeal Denied

1:06 AM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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HOLLAND, N.Y. -- A high school soccer team, considered by some to be the best small school team in Western New York, lost its appeal to state athletic officials Tuesday afternoon regarding a technicality that prevents them from taking part in post-season play.

The announcement came Tuesday after school officials took part in a teleconference to decide if the Holland Girls Varsity Soccer team could continue their season.  

The team was scheduled to play 17 games this season but were only allowed 16 according to the state public high school athletic association guidelines. The rules go on to say "If an individual or team exceeds the maximum number of contests permitted, the penalty is team ineligibility from the date of violation for the rest of the season."

The school calls it a mistake saying several people in their athletic department overlooked how many games were scheduled.

The school appealed to the state, but was denied, bringing an end to their 15-2 season.

"People make mistakes," said James Biryla, Principal at Holland High School. "This wasn't done maliciously in any way," speaking of the clerical error made in game scheduling.

"We don't blame anyone, we just want to play," said Candis Kapuscinski, a player.

"I can't express how much I want to play with them and take this to the state finals," said Katherine Shanahan.

The principal says two years ago many teams played 18 games but the state changed it to 16 to cut down on costs.

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