Benzene Levels On The Decline in Tonawanda

10:06 PM, Oct 20, 2011   |    comments
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CITY OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- The New York Department of Environmental Conservation shared some good news with the resident of the City of Tonawanda Wednesday night. Department officials released updated numbers on the amount of benzene in the air from the Tonawanda Coke plant.

As two air monitors continue to check for benzene, the D.E.C. announced that results of their three-year post study show the amount of the chemical concentration floating in the air is down 86-percent.

The D.E.C.'s Tom Gentile says drastic changes made at the plant helped levels drop.

"They've done a bunch of modernization at the plant. They've been working with us and the U-S Environmental Protection Agency to reduce emissions from different parts of the plant, and its been a pretty, yeah concentrated effort to get their emission reductions that they're seeing now," said Gentile.

The D.E.C. also said the simple fact that more people are driving fuel efficient cars also helped benzene levels drop.

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