Jamey Rodemeyer's Parents Tell The Today Show Of Taunting

10:11 PM, Sep 28, 2011   |    comments
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WILLIAMSVILLE, NY - The parents of Jamey Rodemeyer appeared on NBC's Today Show Tuesday morning, and while they continue to spread their son's message, they say the issue of bullying is not getting better.

Tracey and Tim Rodemeyer sat down with Ann Curry to share details of the horrific experiences their son had with bullying due to his sexuality.    

The parents wore "no hate" buttons, as well as shirts and arm bands supporting their son's mission for equality. On Tuesday morning's show, the parents told a disturbing story about how even after their sons death, the bullying at school hasn't stopped.

Tracey Rodemeyer told Curry:  "It was the first day of his wake. And my daughter, we let her go to the school event because it was homecoming week that Jamey was looking forward to. We thought it would be great for her to be with all her friends and she was texting that she was having a great time and all of the sudden a Lady Gaga song came on and they all started chanting for Jamey, all his friends and whatever, and then the bullies that put him into this situation started chanting you're better off dead, we're glad you're dead."

Amherst Police say that they were called to the homecoming bonfire and outdoor dance last Thursday night. A parent reported that her child came home and told her that those comments were directed at Jamey's sister Alyssa.

Williamsville North Principal Tina Neureuter said that the incident was called to the school's attention at the conclusion of the dance. They are investigating it and interviewing students who may have been involved or witnessed it. The Williamsville School District also released an open message to the community about bullying on its website

Online, there's talk about the bullying problem at Williamsville North High School being around for a long time. A blogger who says she graduated from the high school in 2003 recently posted about about her experience.


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