Is New Anti-Bullying Legislation the Answer?

7:33 PM, Sep 27, 2011   |    comments
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Anti-Bullying Sign

BUFFALO, N.Y. - As thousands gather to march against bullying, some local lawmakers are introducing legislation at the state and federal levels to address bullying in schools.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D) says she would be willing to support new legislation.

"I remember meeting with schools after Columbine, them saying then that they wanted to make sure that every child felt welcome and there was no bullying," said Slaughter. "We've got to really get together with parents, with educators and with the children themselves. And explain that is not the way we behave."

Slaughter said she is awaiting a recommendation from the Health and Human Services Secretary to see if more legislation is necessary.

59th District representative Patrick Gallivan (R) is discussing legislation that has already passed in the state Senate and is now before the Assembly. He said the legislation would better address bullying in schools.

Local activist Rus Thompson says more laws are unnecessary. "We already have on the book all sorts of harassment laws, and if it gets to the point where it becomes physical, we have assault charges."

To see full interviews with Gallivan and Thompson, click on the video above.

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