University of Buffalo's $40 Million Gift

7:48 PM, Sep 27, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - There's plenty of excitement over at the University of Buffalo. That's because the University just received the largest donation in its 165 year history, but the people behind it all doesn't want us to know who they are.

UB's Medical Program just received a $40 million anonymous donation. All we can tell you is that the man behind the generous gift was a medical doctor who graduated from the school's medical program back during World War II. He did not live in New York, and has since passed on.

The $40 million gift is directed to the University's School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. UB President Satish Tripathi, PhD says the money will go towards hiring the best and brightest faculty members from all around the world. The plan is to help make UB become one of the world's leading public research facilities.

As for the donor, President Tripathi tells us his gift is being described as a desire to give back to a place that gave him so much.

"This is a tremendous sort of confidence in what UB did to the donor. The donor actually had an excellent education here. He knew that good faculty and excellent medical school provides the kind of education the donor actually got here and he has been a very, very strong supporter of UB all his life, and as you can see he really has given everything he had to UB," said Tripathi.

Doctor Tripathi also tells Channel 2 News the entire $40 million donation is in their hands and the University is already seeking to hire the new physician-scientists who will also help attract top students to the medical school as well.

The money is also expected to serve as an economic stimulus for the city, attracting new, non-medical related companies and jobs to the Buffalo area.

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