Patriotic Quotations Become Poster Inspiration

12:19 AM, Sep 11, 2011   |    comments
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Buffalo's U-C Coatings Corporation is selling inspirational posters to benefit several veterans groups.

BUFFALO, N.Y.-  Tucked behind the Tri-Main Center on the east side of Buffalo, the U-C Coatings Corporation has been making and selling wood protection products for 40 years.

However, lately, a project of a different sort has taken form.

"Totally different," said Owner and C.E.O. Normal Murray, "but it's we've got a real entrepreneurial customer base, the heart of america, woodsmen, sawmillers, and these kinds of things are near and dear to their hearts."

The things Murray is talking about are things like a poster filled with patriotic quotations, a side project at U-C Coatings that has its roots in the most deadly terror attack on American soil.

"In the days after 9-11, I wanted to do something to bolster the company's spirits during that difficult time," said Murray. "So the fiercly patriotic Vietnam Veteran scanned his memory-- and American history-- for words he considers some of the most inspiring reminders of American courage and resilience. He printed six of them on separate pages.

"And stuck them on our break room wall, just so we'd have something up there to kind of help us through those days," said Murray.

And there they stayed until this spring, when it came time to refurbish the break room.

"We took them down to have it repainted, but I wanted them back up on a much more permanent basis," said Murray.

He called in the company's marketing specialist and asked her to take the quotes and create an inspirational poster.

"We were just going to print one," said Pam Prybylski-LaDue, the company's Marketing Specialist, "and display it for the offices, but when Norm saw it, and he really liked how it turned out, we decided that more people would appreciate it as well."

Now, that same break room has been turned into a full-fledged poster making operation, where employees roll and prepare the posters for sale in their free time.

Five dollars from each one sold will be split and donated to five different veteran's groups. Murray also plans to ship the posters overseas for free to any serviceman or woman who requests one.

"We're hoping that we actually, maybe break even," said Murray. This is a project that is American to its core, much like Norm Murray himself. Since shortly after the September 11th terror attacks, Murray has worn a pin in remembrance every day.

"Every morning I put it on whatever shirt I'm wearing, unless I'm wearing an american flag shirt," he said.

He's a man who wants to share his own reminders with others.

"I hope that it gives them some inspiration about what it means to be a part of the American life, the American dream," said Murray of his posters. "I would also hope it gives them reminders, about the responsibility, the responsibility that is coordinate with privileges."

A poster without a frame cost $16.95; a poster with a wooden frame goes for $95.00. For information on ordering, visit the U-C Coatings web store.


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