Social Media Brings Humor Following Earthquake

9:22 PM, Aug 23, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY--  Following the 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Richmond, Virginia, folks took to twitter to post their comments.  

Since there have been no reports of any injuries after the quake... we found some of the funnier comments from Twitter and posted them below.

tribeinsider:  #Indians are 1-0 this year in games with an #earthquake

bronk: I feel bad for the chick who was getting her nosejob today #earthquake

mikebarish: Unconfirmed reports of people moving on with their lives. News reporters undeterred. #earthquake  

FohBohGal :  5.9? That's what us Californians use to stir our coffee with :) #earthquake #WashingtonDC  

VivaLoudoun:  No truth that #earthquake was caused by #Redskins fans all jumping on the bandwagon after 2-0 preseason start  

HowardKurtz:  This just in: Productivity in DC has plummeted. What, you didn't notice? #earthquake  

RennaW:  DARN IT!!!! I was this close to finishing my Etch-a-Sketch masterpiece. #earthquake  

rachelwharton:  as usual I immediately blamed the whole thing on my next door neighbors #earthquake  

MikeSielskiWSJ :  BREAKING: Local TV station talks to #earthquake victims, who were forced to stand outside in sunny, 80-degree weather.  

sidragon : What I love about the Internet: it took us less time to learn the magnitude than to exit the building. #earthquake  

danyork:  Note to Californians: yes, we East Coasters are obsessing a bit about the #earthquake, just as you would obsess about a #blizzard hitting.  

baratunde:  for my #earthquake people. how many of you fled your buildings vs. sat still thinking "i guess this is it" and started tweeting?  

jinal_shah : Is there a @Foursquare badge for checking into the Earthquake? #foursquare #earthquake  

Wildaboutmusic :  Great, now Standard and Poor's is threatening to downgrade the East Coat #earthquake to a 5.5.  

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