Health News: New clothing options have SPF and UV protection built in.

10:27 AM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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When it's hot outside you may think the less clothes, the cooler... but that can cause skin damage from the searing sun.

According to Columbia Dermatologist Long Quan, "Whether you have a long sleeve with vents in it or you're wearing a tank top, it'll be hot either way. You might as well protect yourself with sun protective clothing . "

Bo McDowell from Outfitter says there are many hot sellers: "We've got t-shirts that have SPF, UPF ratings on 'em. Got pants, shorts, any of the hats are going to have some sort of UPF protection."

For kids - there are swim shirts like this. the advantage with those, you don't have to worry about sunscreen washing of or re-applying. swimsuits for older folks also come with sun protection - even dresses.

Bo McDowell from Outfitter says: "These outfits usually have lots of vents in them so you can breathe and fabric is woven to be SPF 30-60 depending on what brand you have."

And when you dress, Dr. Quan says it's best - to start at the top, "I see a lot of guys in baseball caps, completely useless to protect the little area in front, ears are badly damaged. And I've taken off some ears - so so wide rim hats, all the way around."

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