Birds of a Feather, Mated-Eagles Reunited

8:33 PM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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MEDINA, NY-- Wendi Pencille has operated the Bless The Beast Wildlife Center for almost 25 years and in that quarter century she had never taken in an injured bald eagle, that is until this past May.

She received a call about a bald eagle down about a block from her home. She's had plenty of calls reporting eagles hurt, but they always had turned out to be hawks. So she and her son Noah went out to check this one out, taking along a small pet carrier.

When Wendi got there, sure enough, it was a female bald eagle that had apparently hit a power line. She picked it up and brought it back to her car, and the pet carrier that was far too small for the 10lb. bird. She placed the eagle on the front seat and drove carefully.

Once back at the center she called Dr. Karen Moran, a veterinarian at the SPCA. Moran dressed the birds wounds and performed surgery to clean up the permanently-damaged wing tendons. The bird would not be able to be released back into the wild.

Wendi took her in, placing her in a 100-foot-long flight cage. Slightly small for a bird with a 7 and-a-half-foot wingspan.

Two months to the day, Wendi got another call, about another bald eagle. This time it was a male, found about a mile to the south of her facility. This one had been attacked by something, possibly another raptor.

Having heard that there was a nest in the nearby Iroquois Wildlife Refuge that was missing a female, she thought there was a chance these two birds may be connected.

When the male was placed into the cage, her suspicions appeared to be confirmed. The male called out, the female immediately called back and was pacing back and forth on her perch. Typically when two raptors are introduced, there is an altercation. With these two, they immediately bonded, sitting together on the perch, even sharing food.

Now the question is what will become of the pair? Wendi believes this is a mated pair that should stay together. She hopes to achieve that, either by expanding her flight cage to 400 feet, or at another facility. To expand, she would have to rely on donations and outside help. 

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