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Cuomo: Obama's VP in 2012?

8:22 PM, Jul 5, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - It has been about two weeks since gay marriage was passed in New York State. It was a big political win for the governor. Add to that a property tax cap and rent control downstate; he's a man who's getting what he wants done.

And now, an article in the New York Post quotes two sources as saying President Obama will ask Cuomo to be his running mate in 2012. Former G.O.P. leader Bill Powers said "I don't think there's any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate." He went on to say,"the president will call him up later this year and say, Andrew, you have to do this for the good of the country."

"I do believe Biden will not be a vice presidential candidate," said Carl Calabrese, former Erie County Deputy Executive.

Calabrese doesn't think Cuomo will fill Biden's shoes. He says that person will likely come from a swing state.

"It seems to me his first question would be, what states do I have to win and is there someone in that state a governor or senator that if I put him or her on the ticket they help deliver that state," said Calabrese.

But Buffalo State College economist Bruce Fisher disagrees.

"He's an Italian American," said Fisher. "This is the largest voting bloc among white ethic voters in the United States."

And they're conservative he says. And though Cuomo is socially liberal, Fisher thinks his fiscal conservatism would help a presidential ticket.

"I also don't think Andrew Cuomo is interested in being number two, he's a number one guy," said former Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello.

Masiello is a long time Cuomo supporter. He believes Cuomo will finish out his term as governor and thinks he should.

"Yeah, I would be disappointed," said Masiello. "I think New York needs him."

Governor Cuomo will be in Lancaster Tuesday morning to discuss the recently passed property tax cap in the state. 2 On Your Side will ask him about his political ambitions and any chance of a vice presidential run.

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