Hulk Hogan with Message for 2 on Your Side

11:34 PM, Jun 19, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Hulk Hogan Interview

Hulk Hogan

Legendary pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan was in Buffalo Saturday night for a TNA Wrestling show at Coca-Cola field. 

Hogan spent much of the night signing autographs and posing for pictures with dozens of fans at the event. 

Hogan also had a message for Channel 2, "you know I got Hulkamaniacs all over this place and now I got NBC Channel 2 sneaking up on me and my maniacs.  You got realize we got you surrounded here at Coca-Cola field, next time you show up at my house, NBC better be wearing red and yellow brother because if you don't we'll body slam the whole TV station brother!"

2 on Your Side's Ben Hayes spoke with Hogan before the event about his long career in pro-wrestling and the tremendous support he still receives from his fans.  "They know I put my heart and soul in this business and good or bad they stuck with me," said Hogan. 

Hogan said he recently underwent his 8th back surgery, but wants to stay committed to both wrestling and his fans.  "I'm still healing my back and I feel like I got a shot of new life just coming out and being around the wrestling fans."


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