Kids Cell Phone Plans Starting At $5

4:51 PM, Jun 1, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - In my continued search to find the best deals and websites to save you time and money, another winner for your wallet today.

If you have a teen or tween at home and they want a cell phone or you've been considering a cell phone for a youngster for safety reasons, there's a company you might want to know about.

Kajeet Wireless not only sells phones that start at $29, but its phones come preloaded with award-winning parental control features (like controlling who calls/texts your kids, who they communicate with and an allowance feature that allows them to contribute to the bill).

Other positives:
1)  No termination fee
2)  No activation fee
3)  No contract fees
4)  Plans start at $4.99 (the least expensive plan is very limited)
5)  A plan for $14.99 offers unlimited texting
6)  A GPS feature (available as an add-on) so parents can locate misplaced or lost cell phones (and children) at the touch of a button.

These plans are geared for kids and are better for texting than for constant voice communication.

The prices are solid, the concept is great and the coverage is impressive.

Phone works seamlessly on the Sprint network, although Kajeet is a separate company.

Particularly for parents looking for a peace of mind, the many advantages of Kajeet and setting up an account to try without penalty make this a solid option.


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