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Still No Verizon FIOS for Buffalo

6:44 PM, May 27, 2011   |    comments
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 A recent Tipline call inquired again as to why there is no Verizon FIOS service available in the city of Buffalo.

  This has come up before and has picked up new steam with a campaign to in essence shame Verizon into bringing FIOS into the city.

   Common Councilman Richard Fontana says the city of Buffalo would love to have FIOS but so far they have not approached the city to do so. And he does not expect it to happen anytime soon. Fontana says he feels the bottom line's a business decision and Verizon does not want to spend the money on infrastructure fiber optic improvements to the city. He thinks Verizon officials feel the firm would not be able to recoup its investment in some city neighborhoods.  Fontana says state law would require Verizon to install FIOS in all areas of the city if they would try to install it in certain areas.  

   Verizon spokesman John Bonomo says that their position has not really changed since we last reported on this story in January 2010.  He would not discuss future plans or comment on cost considerations.     


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