"Volunteer" Who Alleges Davis Hit Him Is Corwin's Assembly Chief of Staff

2:31 PM, May 13, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Both Jane Corwin's campaign and the Erie County Republican Party continue to refuse to release the entire video that they claim shows Tea Party Candidate Jack Davis "assaulting" a GOP volunteer.

On Thursday, 2 On Your Side confirmed the "volunteer" shooting the video was Michael Mallia, Jane Corwin's chief of staff in the Assembly.

Mallia has yet to return repeated phone calls to Corwin's office seeking his comments.  A source says that Mallia may now be out of state, and may have left the area shortly after the incident began getting heavy media coverage, ...and when questions began rising as to what the rest of the video shot by him may have shown if made public.  

Mallia and an unknown female were both shooting video when the incident happened Wednesday night in the Rochester suburb of Greece.

So far, the Republican Party has only posted a 14-second clip of the incident on YouTube.

And now, Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy says he will have no further comment.

"I've said all I can say and the video speaks for itself. I consider the matter closed," Langworthy told 2 On Your Side Friday morning, adding that there are also no plans to release the anything other than the 14-second clip.

Langworthy says the remaining two weeks of Corwin's campaign for congress in NY's 26th district will and should focus on issues facing voters and not "distractions" like the video tape, which he also admits to having originally posted.  

Davis was leaving an event where he had just received an endorsement from a former 26th District Congressional Candidate when the incident ocurred.

Thursday night as she arrived at a Conservative Party fundraiser in Lockport, 2 On Your Side asked Corwin why she isn't demanding her chief of staff release the entire video to show what actually happened.

"My chief of staff is on his own time after 5 o'clock in the afternoon," Corwin said. "You know, it's his video. It's up to him to decide what to do with it."

Not only have Corwin and the GOP refused to release all of Mallia's video, they also will not release any of the video shot by another GOP volunteer who was a few feet behind Mallia during the altercation. Her angle could shed more light on the entirety of what happened.

"I don't have the second camera in my possession," Langworthy said on Thursday.

A Corwin campaign spokesperson said Corwin spent much of Friday campaigning in Genesee and Monroe Counties, talking about "cutting spending and cutting taxes".

He said he did not know if Corwin had spoken to Mallia about the incident with Davis since it occurred on Wednesday evening.

Langworthy said Mallia is consulting with an attorney, and though he has described what happened to Mallia as an "assault", Greece police tell Channel 2 News that as of Friday afternoon there had been no complaint filed with their agency.

During her campaign stop in Lockport Thursday night, Corwin said it's Mallia's decision on when and how to release the video.

"It's not my video, and I think we're missing a point here as well," Corwin said. "Jack Davis did not behave very well ... I have cameras on me all the time. I have people parked in my front lawn. You know, I've had people follow me up and down the streets with cameras, and I try to answer questions, and I don't hit anybody."

Curtis Ellis, Davis' campaign spokesperson, told 2 On Your Side that Davis never hit anybody, and if the GOP would release both videos in their entirety, that would be proven.

"They think the voters are stupid and will fall for these cheap politician tricks," Ellis said. "Well the people can see through this."

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