Help Fulfill A Prom Dream

9:04 PM, May 19, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - There are few moments in life as exciting for a girl as her senior prom. That is true for middle-school friends turned high school seniors Destiny and Gabby.

But while the girls prepare for one of the most anticipated nights of their teenage years, there is a moment in Destiny's life -- that for now -- overshadows the big day.

"One moment you can walk and one moment it gets taken away," says Destiny.

For almost 2 years Destiny has lived life from her wheelchair, after she was thrown off the back of an ATV and paralyzed from the waist down.

But there's one moment that Destiny and Gabby are determined to not get taken away from their high school years.

Destiny wants to ride to her senior prom in a limousine with her friends, something that for most girls is their first time in a swanky ride. But for Destiny it may not happen because of her wheelchair.

They say handicap accessible limos or party buses are almost impossible to find.

"We've contacted Tennessee, we've called Virginia, we've called everywhere -- there's one place and it's booked."

But with June 3rd looming, Gabby says no matter what she's not leaving her friend alone on prom night. She's determined to find a way to create the memory that every teenage girl hopes to have, because that's what friends do.

"I know she wants to go to prom and it's part of the high school experience, you know. You go to prom, you go with your friends, and that's what everyone deserves to do," says Gabby.

"She's a good friend. Not a lot of people would do that for me," says Destiny.

If you can help fulfill this prom dream, contact 2 On Your Side.

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