Muzzammil Hassan Sentencing

10:45 PM, Mar 10, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Jurors Speak on Hassan Case 5pm Report

Video: Hassan Murder Sentence in Court

Video: Hassan Children & Reaction 5pm

Video: Hassan Murder Sentence in Court

Video: Hassan Murder Sentence in Court

Video: Hassan Murder Sentence in Court

Video: Hassan Murder Sentence in Court

Video: Hassan Sentence 5pm Report

  • Hassan sentencing (3/9/11)
  • D.A. Frank Sedita reacts after Hassan sentence
  • Jurors speak after Hassan sentencing
  • Line outside of Hassan sentencing

BUFFALO, NY - A former Orchard Park TV executive, now convicted of murdering his wife, has gotten the maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison when sentenced in Erie County Court.

Sentencing for Muzzammil Hassan is underway in Erie County Court.  2 On Your Side's Pete Gallivan wrote that a line of spectators hoping to see the sentencing formed outside of court a half hour before anyone was allowed inside the room.

The prosecutors, including Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita are in court for the proceedings.

Watch the proceedings in their entirety by clicking on the videos attached to this story.

Claudine Ewing tweeted on our WGRZ Twitter page that the courtroom was packed with former jurors, investigators, and students.

Erie County Court Judge Thomas Franczyk overruled a defense objection to cameras in the courtroom.

See Pool Photos from the Courtroom in our Photo Gallery

Another defense attorney, Mr. E. Earl Key is part of the proceedings as well as Jeremy Schwartz.  Key says he has been contacted to be contacted to handle the sentencing.  Judge Franczyk questions the decision, "quite frankly this case has been strung along for two years and five attorneys, one of whom has been relegated to sidecar status." Key says this is "not a delay tactic".  Key is still asking for the case to be adjourned so he can "get up to speed".

Prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable says "we anticipated something like this happening" and objected Hassan's motion.

Judge Franczyk says sentencing will go as scheduled.

In Curtin Gable's statement, she says Hassan's children have asked for an order of protection against him.  She continues that the prosecution is asking for the maximum sentence to be imposed against Hassan, "It is our hope that this defendent is never granted parole."

Key says he will speak on Hassan's behalf.  Hassan makes a brief statement, simply saying "Sir, I deeply regret things came down to what they came down to."

As he begins sentencing, Judge Franczyk says, "This was a premeditated act of violence, and any statements to the contrary flies in the face of justice."

A jury found Hassan guilty of second degree murder last month for the beheading death of his wife Aasiya back in February, 2009.

Judge Franczyk imposed a maximum sentence of up to 25 years to life behind bars. He said, "given the horrific nature of this crime and your unwillingness to accept responsibility for this crime, justice requires nothing less than the maximum." 

Orders of protection form Hassan's oldest children, Michael and Sonia, have been signed, despite the defense's initial protest.

Hassan has 30 days to appeal the case.

You can read the live chat from the courtroom in the window below.

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