6 Agencies Working for Animals in Erie County

7:56 PM, Mar 4, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY--  It's a harsh reality at many shelters across the nation.

Animals that are ill or need help behaving have less hope of being adopted. They may end up being euthanized.

But in Erie County, there's a coalition working to save these animals, and they need heroes.

Maddie's Pet Rescue Project offers money from a special foundation to save animals.

Six local agencies are participating in the project, and they are proud to be at 70% of the goal.

Foster homes make the difference.

Volunteers help care for animals that can not stay in the shelter for a variety of reasons from illness, to pregnancy to stress level.

You can volunteer to be a foster home for an animal in need, and help this project achieve it's kill of making Erie County a no kill county by 2014.

If you can not open your home, monetary donations are accepted.

More information is available on the website for Maddie's Pet Rescue Project.

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