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Buffalo Man Runs Into Burning Home Saves 3 Children

11:56 AM, Feb 25, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - A Buffalo man is being called a hero after he ran into a burning home late Thursday morning and saved 3 young children.

By the time Buffalo firefighters arrived at the home on Stevens Avenue, Division Chief Don McFeely said there was very little they could do to save it.

"Fire was mostly confined to the first floor living room area, although it did extend to the second floor, and the attic."

Just before the firefighters arrived, a man ran into the burning home and rescued three children.

Paris Lewis says he just happened to be in the neighborhood when he noticed the house was on fire.
Lewis says he kicked in the front door looking to see if anyone was inside. At the same time, the mother of the children was also trying to get inside through a side door.

"She must have heard it," said Lewis. "So she say, she come around the other side and say my kids, my kids. That's when I run in the house and grabbed the kids."

Lewis says he never thought about the danger he was putting himself into when he went in.

"The whole house was smoked up and filled up with smoke. Instinct took over. I grabbed the kids and got out of there."

He then added, "I had to put my life, you know I figured it was some kids in there, or whoever in there. I was willing to help whoever."

Chief McFeely says everyone got out and there were no injuries. Although he doesn't advise anyone to go into a burning home, he understands why Lewis sprang into action.

"The only thing is you know as long as they don't go directly into the fire, they stay down a little bit in the smoke."

And as far as being a hero?

"I really don't look at it as being a hero cause I would've done it for anybody," said Lewis.

Fire officials say the home is a total loss and the family is being helped out by the local chapter of the American Red Cross. The fire marshal's office is investigating and is expected to interview the family as they search for a cause of this fire.

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