No Easy Fix For Eden-Evans Center Road

7:34 PM, Jan 27, 2011   |    comments
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Some viewers contacted our Tipline to raise questions about the poor condition of Eden-Evans Center Road.

The Erie County maintained roadway is full of potholes and portions with uneven pavement which cause some drivers to actually use the shoulder of the road to avoid damage to the shocks and suspensions of their vehicles. But that raises a danger for school children and other pedestrians.

Evans resident David Farinacci says he fears there could be an accident if someone swerves to avoid a bad pothole or if they would lose control when their cars strike one.

Erie County Public Works Jerry Sentz says this is one of his most troubled roads because of its condition and the difficulty in finding the right solution to fix it. Some residents speculate that it was built years ago on a sand base which keeps shifting. Sentz says they have tried several ideas like more drainage and other improvements to stabilize the road but so far nothing has really worked.  

Sentz points out it would cost an estimated $20 Million to actually re-construct the road and that is money which he says the DPW does not have. There is also no current source of construction funding at the state or federal level.

Sentz says he did ask a Cornell University highway engineer to look into the problem and expects a report back from him next week. The engineer actually did testing on the road last year. Sentz says they hope to come up with a suggestion which could be tested on a small portion of the road to see if it works.  Then perhaps that approach could be used for other parts of the road.      


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