Ten Story Proposal A Success At UB

Buffalo, NY - A video of a ten story proposal at UB is going viral.

A residence director at UB proposed to his girlfriend last month by using hundreds of Christmas lights and the letters spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" in the windows of a ten story dorm on UB's South Campus.

Friday night, Katelyn Illingworth watched her edited proposal video for the first time. Her fiancé, Frank Tierney, was up all night putting it together.

"After everything came about, I'm like, we should take a picture. And then, he's like, I think we have that covered, and literally all of our friends came from like every angle," says Illingworth.

"I had been planning for a little bit of time to propose in some big way," says Tierney.

So Tierney came up with a big plan. It was a ten story plan.

"I tried to poke holes to outline the letters so that they would glow, and it took an hour to do two letters," he says.

And, when Illingworth scored last minute tickets to a show, Tierney came under an even tighter time crunch.

"All of my friends, and some family members, came in and saved the day. Honestly, they came to my rescue and had it all set up and ready to go, but at the meantime, I'm at the concert completely distracted. Texting," says Tierney.

"He was texting the whole time, so I'm like get off your phone. Who are you texting? So he said I'm texting my brother, he's on a date, and I'm like, you're so lying. I can tell," says Illingworth.

She could definitely tell something was up.

"He started talking, and he's like, I know you hate the winter," she says.

"And, you miss your family and," he said recalling the proposal.

"And, I'm like, why are you saying this to me right now," she says.

"And, then I just proposed and I never explained why," he said.

"But that's just it. I don't remember any of it. It's just a blur," she finished.

The couple met two-and-a-half years ago at Jamestown Community College. She was in marketing giving a tour to new hires.

"He refused to let me hold the door open for him. So I remembered him from that. And then, he had emailed me the next day, thank you so much for the tour," she recalls.

And the rest is history.

"It worked out better than I could have hoped for because I didn't know what it was going to look like in the end," he says.

"I've just been waiting since the day in the park, actually. Ever since we went for a walk I was like, okay, I'm marrying him. Hopefully he wants to marry me because I'm marrying him," she says.

The couple is planning a 2015 wedding.

: You can see the entire proposal video by clicking here.


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