Generation Wait: More Millennials Living at Home

In 2012, a record 21.6 million young adults were living back at home with their parents. They are members of the Millennial Generation, those born after 1980.

Many factors lead to this living arrangement, including the economy to student debt.

"I can't afford health insurance. And in order to get health insurance, you have to have a fulltime job. But, I can't afford a fulltime job because then I wouldn't be able to go to school," says Cristina Will.

At 26, Will is balancing being a fulltime student with two part time jobs. And, while she'd love to live on her own, she simply can't afford it. Will still lives with her parents.

"They understand nowadays, it's not as easy as it was 30 years ago when they were kids," she says.

Will is part of what some call the Boomerang Generation, and her struggle to find independence as a young adult is more common now than ever before.

In 2012, 43-percent of Millennials, adults born after 1980, with some college education, like Will, lived at home.

"What it is like having your 26 year old daughter live with you?" asked Channel 2's Kelly Dudzik.

"Interesting. You know, we always thought that our kids would be set as of high school, going to college, becoming individuals. Which they have, but in a sense they haven't been able to expand on themselves because they haven't been able to become financially independent. And that's tough," says Cristina's mom.

The Wills don't make Cristina pay rent, and they help with her car payment.

"Do your parents make you help out with household chores?" asked Dudzik.

"The vacuuming, you know, the laundry and the dishes," says Will.

One of the main reasons for so many Millennials living at home is declining employment. Last year, just 63-percent of young adults in that age group were employed, down from 70-percent in 2007.

The Wills predict they won't have their complete privacy back for another ten years, and they're okay with that.

"We brought them into the world. Everybody needs a hand. If you can give it, you give it as long as you can work hard and be supportive and keep them going so that, someday they might need to take care of us. So, you might want to take care of them now," says Cristina's dad.

"Gets crazy, but sometimes a good crazy. Sometimes a not so good crazy, but we all get over it, and move on with our lives. And on Wednesday night, Duck Dynasty comes on and there we are. All in the same living room," says Will.

Will plans on finishing her Bachelor's Degree in October, and her parents say she can stay with them as long as she'd like.


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