A husband & caregiver's "amazing" journey

BUFFALO, NY - The title of the book makes you think of a love story. Amazing is about love, but the love of a caregiver who watched his wife battle breast cancer and a string of other health issues.

Joseph Geraci was moved to write a book about his wife Terry as a guide for others who may have to endure their struggle.

"In talking to other men whose wives had breast cancer, we literally could finish each others sentences," Joseph said.

Terry had a handful of near death experiences. She endured chemotherapy, radiation, congestive heart failure and finally a heart transplant.

"When she developed congestive heart failure, she was about two heartbeats away from a pine box," Joseph said.

Amazing is a book written out of frustration, hurt and love from the perspective of a caregiver.

"When a doctor tells you, 'oh we're going to take good care of you,' say, the hell with good care, I want outstanding care," Joseph said.

Terry is doing well even though she admits it hasn't been an easy journey.

"I thought about giving up many times, I truly did, but I've come a long way. a lot of it has to do with prayer and the lord," Terry said.

"She's my little Timex. She's taken a licking, but she keeps on ticking," Joseph said.

The Geraci's are natives of Buffalo, but currently reside in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


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