July 19th- The Great Contraption Race

It Happened to Alexa Foundation, based in Lewiston and established in 2003, assists rape victims and their families through the trauma and expense of taking their cases to trial. Having the support of family can make all the difference in such a difficult time. The foundation has a fund raising event coming up and it's an event unlike any other.

The Great Contraption Race is a fun, 2-person and 4-person team race starting at 9:00 AM on Saturday August 2, 2014. Contestants will float down the lower Niagara River from Lewiston, NY finishing in Youngstown, NY.

The race occurs on floating amphibious contraptions designed and built by each team. The contraptions, unless you are a kayaking team must be custom made by the participants and their teams. The contraptions and kayaks must be able to float, and they can only be powered by human power, and or a man-made sail to race down the River.
The contraptions can either be carried by teams, or rolled on portable, or affixed wheels by the teams and their support crews into the Niagara River at the starting point of the race. This start is located at the public boat ramp in Lewiston, NY. You will know where it is because of the crowds and loud music. You have two minutes to get into the water from the start gate when started, as another team will start right behind you.

The contraption must be able to travel down the mighty Niagara River 6.2 miles (9.97km) to Youngstown, NY where the contraption must then be carried, or rolled out of the river by each team with their support crew's help (you can have as many support members that you want). Once out of the water your contraption must be carried, or rolled a half mile (.80km) to the finish line in Youngstown, NY's Veteran's Park.

Come on out for The Great Contraption Race to benefit The It Happened to Alexa Foundation on August 2nd, the race starts at 9am on the Lower Niagara River at Lewiston and ends six miles downstream at Youngstown. Support your favorite team with a donation, funds raised go toward educational outreach in the Western New York ares teaching young adults personal safety and healthy relationships. For more information call (716) 754-9105 or visit them on-line at www.TheGreatContraptionRace.com


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