Homework Helper for the Common Core

As children start going back to school, 2 On Your Side's Daybreak is helping students and parents brush up on their Common Core math skills with the Homework Helper series.

Many parents get frustrated that they can't help their kids with their homework because they might not understand the concepts taught under the common core. Subitizing, tape diagrams, number bonds, arrays, area models, etc., can sound like a foreign language. 
During back to school week, WGRZ Daybreak anchor Melissa Holmes is sharing Homework Helper lessons taught by local math teachers including Maple West Elementary (Williamsville) teacher Eileen Klag Ryan, Orchard Park Math Leader David Canfield, and Orchard Park Math Coach Darlene Rumbola.

Kindergarten: Subitizing

Kindergarten: Addition Using Base 10

1st Grade: Addition using Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract Methods

2nd Grade: Addition Two Ways

2nd Grade: Tape Diagram

2nd Grade: Subtraction Using Pictures

3rd Grade: Multiplying with Array & Distributive Property

4th Grade: Adding Fractions

4th Gade: Multiply Using Area Model

5th Grade: Making Like Fractions


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