BUFFALO, NY — The heatwave will finally be ending and it will actually feel like fall starting Thursday when a decent cold front moves through and brings even below average temperatures.

But Buffalo hit several records during this second half of September.

The recent three days of record-breaking heat brought two days in a row of highs in the 90s, which is the first time that's happened during late September.

The Lake Erie water has been warming quite a bit for weeks and its temperature hit a record daily high of 72 F this week on September 27. The old record is 70 degrees. The average is 65 degrees. The lake water was even warmer last year at this time in the mid-70s.

The long-lasting sunshine this month also brought 18 dry days in a row which tied for ninth place for longest dry stretch since 1938.

Now colder air is moving in later in the week and rain showers as well, which will put an end to the record warmth and dry conditions the area has been having.