Buffalo, NY -- The beautiful, and very warm, stretch of weather is helping the fall crops do well this year and in some cases, a little too well. "Causing the fruit to ripen fast, almost faster than we can keep up with the harvest," Robert Blackman, owner of Blackman Homestead Farm, said.

The apple orchards are full at the Blackman Farm in Lockport. The warm days and lack of rain are causing many apples to ripen early and fall off the trees. "It's not enough to keep the tree roots happy, so it's causing the root to shed or drop off the tree, earlier than we really want," Blackman said.

This isn't helpful for the farms that are "U pick" which heavily rely on folks to come out and pick their own apples. "Faster than we can get the people out here to pick them, plus the other side of it I believe is the hot weather, is kind of deterring people from coming out, it's not apple picking temperatures," Blackman said.

Blackman explained they will try and harvest as much as they can so they don't lose too many apples, but the message is clear... head out to your favorite orchard sooner than later. "Priority is to get the fruit off the tree before it falls to the ground... we just try to do the best we can with the workforce we have," Blackman said.

The warm weather is also helping the pumpkin harvest do very well this year, and the corn is also doing great this season.