HOUSTON - 2 On Your Side is hearing from Western New York natives who are in the Houston area. Many of them have told us that they are safe, but like many people are dealing with serious challenges.

"There seems to be floods everywhere so pretty much can't go too far anywhere because there's flood everywhere," said Andre Payton, who lives in Katy, Texas, which is just west of Houston.

Payton says he's been in Texas for the past six years, working in retail. He lives with cousins and his mother. He says his home is not flooded, but that a road leading to his home, has plenty of water.

"Right now it's pretty much cooped in the house trying to stay safe," he said.

Payton says a big problem there is that many stores are closed. He sent us a picture of a what it looks like outside a supermarket near him that was open -- the line is out the door. And it's tough to get around.

"There's no other routes for me to go everywhere, I try to go down the roads there's either some barriers or officers, police redirecting traffic because of the flood," he said.

Joye Runfola is from North Buffalo. She now lives about 30 miles northwest of Houston and says she's lived there for a few years, working for a chemical company.

"We still have power we don't have any water in our house so we're doing ok, we're very blessed, we've been watching the news and we're seeing everything that's going on and it's just kind of eerie I've been through snow storms and this is nothing like that," Runfola said.

She says her focus is on a lake right behind her house, which has been rising.

"Last night it almost reached the yard and that's when things got a little scary," Runfola said.

She says she's encouraged by all the community assistance people in Houston are providing to each other.

"Seeing everything that's going on it really reminded me of where I'm from the city of good neighbors people really stepped up and are helping each other and everyone is helping on another," Runfola said.