This will be a winter of change. Yes, we all know cold and snow are coming, however some of the terminology used by the National Weather Service to warn of impending snowstorms will change.

One of the changes is the terminology used to advise of a potential winter storm more than 24 hours away.

In the past, if a lake effect snow event was expected in 24 hours or longer, a lake effect snow watch was issued. Also, if blizzard-like conditions were expected in over 24 hours, a blizzard watch was issued.

This year, lake effect snow and blizzard watches will no longer be issued and will now be consolidated into a simple winter storm watch with the wording in the watch highlighting the specific hazard. For instance, a Winter Storm Watch could be issued for Chautauqua and southern Erie County, and the wording in the watch would highlight lake effect conditions or blizzard conditions.

Secondly, lower end winter storm conditions were highlighted with lake effect snow advisories. That terminology will be simply replaced with a winter weather advisory, with once again the wording highlighting and describing the details of the advisory.